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Why would anyone want to remove any part of this?  >>>
           Why would anyone want to remove any part of this     >>>



                                                                   Water damage to your structure is preventable....


                                                                                            Protect yourself  -  Protect your investment ...

About The Deflector                                                                                                      

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  • Damage to pipes and other utilities occurs when workers and, or  tenants drive nails through walls into pipes unknowingly targeting them. 
  • These and other similar strikes can often take place in various  stages of the construction process.  
  • Nail strikes are also known to damage utilites when tenants are in the process of decorating walls.
  • Unintentional pipe and utility damage need not occur. 
  • Order and install your Pipe-Nail Deflector to protect your investment against unnecessary damage and costly repairs.   


        More about the Deflector


                        Typical baseboard Installation

Pipe-Nail Deflector (PND) is the result of my own experience and observation of the construction industry.  The Deflector specifically relates to, and addresses the problem of pipe damage due to nails puncturing them.  This new innovative device solves the problem of cause and effect, which results in structure damage that occurs when pipes and other utilities are compromised by nails, or other fasteners that are driven through walls into them causing water damage to structures. 

Current building codes in many areas generally require that pipes and other utilities are to be protected by proportionally small nail plates where these vital supply lines pass through framing members.  Water and other kinds of structural damage, thus occurs when construction workers, or tenants hammer nails, place screws, and drill holes through wall surfaces beyond the protective regions of nail plates into the unprotected lengthwise portions of pipes in the process of decorating, hanging pictures, shelves, Flat Panel T.V.'s, baseboards, crown moldings, and other fixtures in structures.   As a result, of inconvenient costly repairs become necessary.

How it works?  Like a shield,  the Deflector provides a barrier of protection for the entire run of pipes and other utilities for which it is purposed.  This durable device is designed with the specific purpose of protecting pipes by deflecting nails and other similar threats away from your utilities; that are hidden from occupants behind sheetrock or other surface materials.  
By installing the Deflector over your pipes potential nail damage is prevented from occuring, when people are unknowingly targeting pipes with nails. 

The Deflector composite has been upgraded, standardized and is manufactured of Heavy Duty (HD) corrosion resistant galvanized metal for all Deflector models.  Each
Deflector composite is tested and *guaranteed to deflect nails fired from pneumatic 16 Gauge Finish and/or  8d  Bright Framing Nail-Guns
under 120 PSI.

The Deflector is easy to install.  Not only is it purposed to protect your pipes that are hidden within walls behind sheetrock, exterior sheerwall and other siding, it also can be further utilized to protect utilities under subfloors, roof sheathing, and other regions throughout structures.

Pipe-Nail Deflector protects more than just your pipes against nail strikes.   It also protects your finished  walls, flooring and structure framing, against costly water damage.   Because it can prevent water damage.  It also significantly reduces the potential of fungal decay, and hazardous mold and mildew.

When you only spend .70 cents on a small nail plate that's the amount of protection you get against people nailing into your pipes.  Why chance it?  Invest in the Deflector.  The product is both effective and cost effective

Whether your building project is commercial, or residential, once installed, the Deflector is an investment that pays off in the form of savings every time your pipes, are targeted by nails from subcontractors in the assembly phases, service personnel and other people. 

Once installed the Deflector may even be thought of as having a guard dog that's all way's on duty.  Because it protects you against losses of your valuable time and resources by preventing costly repairs.


                                        The videos presented should only be replicated in
                                        controlled environments by qualified individuals
                                        over 18 years of age with proper eye and body
                                        protection.  Nail Guns are dangerous and can 
                                        result in serious injury and or loss of life.

     This... or  This...  


                                        Video on Left:   Damage that unknowingly occurs, as people are installing baseboards.

                                        Video on right:  Such smaller Brad Nails used in these types of installations 
                                                                do puncture pipes.  

                                                      The actual photo of mold and mildew damage taken by home-
                                                      owner Eva R. of California, after a worker nailed a pipe that
                                                      leaked  undetected  for a few years,  later costing her  $7,300. 
                                                      Don't get nailed later with costly structural repairs.


                                                     The nailed pipe in Eva's home required mold remediation, partial
                                                     replacement of her structure and  finish flooring were  no  longer 
                                                     produced  by the manufacturer.  The scope of work thus entailed
                                                     removal and replacement of her entire kitchen and dinningroom
                                                     floors.   All of this mayhem from just one nail . . .
                                                  Information on nail damaged pipes
:  Please view links below



               Video below:    "Nails Deflected"! 


                      The videos presented should only be replicated in
                      controlled environments by qualified individuals
                      over 18 years of age with proper eye and body
                      protection.  Nail Guns are dangerous and can 
                      result in serious injury and or loss of life.


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        After securing water lines you can install the Deflector to protect them.

             v.s.          Protected
Photo above at left                          So driven nails
       Bottom wall plate note:                    will be Deflected!
Nail Plates leave the
       majority of pipes length
       vulnerable to people
       nailing into them.

                                                                   Electrical damage - cause or consequences?        Please view link below





The Deflector Electrical Advantage

Promote Occupant Safety

Today many electrical 220 volt electrical service panels are no longer allowed in closets.  In many areas code  requires Electrical Service Panels to be located in dwellings where they are easily accessible.

Because these Panels must be easily accessible they are often exposed in rooms, or hallways.   Electrical Service Panels are often considered to be unsightly by tenants, thus a number of people tend to want to cover them with pictures, or other kinds of art work. 

Generally in the process of covering these Electrical Service Panels nails must be driven directly into the zone where electrical wiring is routed.  As people drive nails, or screws through wall surfaces there exists a probability of these electrical wires being damaged by nicking them, or shorting them out completely.

It has been said that: "What you can't see can't hurt you".   This is not true when it comes to energized electrical wiring that expose occupants to possible harm from electrical shock, or causing arcs and sparks possibly resulting in fires within walls

The Deflector can also be installed to protect  110 volt electrical wires routed from Service Panels and  220 volt heavy duty electrical wiring that is routed through penetrable schedule 80 plastic tubing from below grade into Electrical Service Panels

Install Pipe-Nail Deflector to prevent occupants from hammering conductive nails into direct contact with energized electrical wiring.  The product is both effective and cost effective, as it protects people against injury promoting health and structure safety.  

Please go to:  Contact Us page to learn how the Deflector can further benefit your project.

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Electrical damage is also preventable !  


                                    Protect yourself .  .  . !    Protect your investment . . . !


                                              Install Pipe-Nail Deflector in your new and remodel projects . . . 




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