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Why would anyone want to remove any part of this?  >>>
           Why would anyone want to remove any part of this     >>>

Serve Pro,  911 Remediation & other water damage services help you deal with the problems after the leaks .
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                                                                                                   Water damage to your structure is preventable . . . 

Protect yourself  -   Protect your investment . . .

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How The Deflector Came To Be
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In the process of building a new two story structure garage and rental unit;   I was in the garage hammering a nail
through the sheetrock into the wall cavity.
  Not long afterward  I  noticed water pooling on the floor.  When I
saw the water my thoughts were "What Now"?   The realization was that
a pipe had been damaged.  And problems began.
The nail had punctured a plastic fire sprinkler pipe.  My fire protection system had to be shut off.   The water damaged
materials had to be removed.
  The pipe required repairing and then the damaged wall had to be replaced.

Working in the construction field, I had seen nail damaged pipes.  Shortly after my experiencing these problems, it all hit home with me and I began be concerned about  subcontractors nailing into the pipes while working to complete the project.  Earlier on, I had even discovered a nail that had been driven into one of the sewer lines, which also had to be repaired as well. 

Additional thoughts of renters moving in caused me to become uneasy; with renters  driving nails into my walls causing more damage to the pipes while hanging pictures and other things.  After experiencing the problematic repairs; I knew for certainty that, I didn’t want to have to deal with these types or related problems ever again in the future.

The grit of it . . .

As a result, these incidents caused me to devise a way to prevent the problem of nail intrusion for the complete length
of pipes.  And so the journey began.   The prototypes were constructed and installed in the building project.  

I soon realized that other people could also benefit from the Deflector's effectiveness as well.  Because of its superior
design, the Deflector provides a complete extended lengthwise barrier of protection, as intended against wire nicking,
nail damaged water pipes and hazardous natural gas leaks.  

Pipe-Nail Deflector is Utility Patented available for sale to the public exclusively direct from P Hunter G Innovations, LLC.  The Deflector is offered in custom fixed and telescopic models of varying lengths.  To order Please go to Contact Us page.   Tell us
your wall heights or lengths desired and we'll promptly get a quote out to you.

Something To Consider . . .

When you spend only .70 cents on a nail plate that is the minimal amount of protection you get against experiencing the problems associated of having nail damaged pipes.  Now you can better protect yourself, your project against such damage caused by employees and other people, while also reducing unneccessary problematic hassles in your life.   By installing our new improved standardized  Heavy Duty (HD) Pipe-Nail Deflector in your building projects you can protect yourself .
. .

Please continue to visit our website to see how you can benefit from The Deflector Advantage . . .





                                                 Play the video below to see damage that occurs when
                                                                     nails come into contact with pipes . . .

                                                         The videos presented should only be replicated in
                                                         controlled environments by qualified individuals
                                                         over 18 years of age with proper eye and body
                                                         protection.  Nail Guns are dangerous and can
                                                         result in serious injury and or loss of life.


Notice the actual occuring spark,  as the Nail Gun is fired into a section of thin walled flexible Gas Line . . .

                                                           Play the video below to see the Deflector advantage!


                     Install Pipe-Nail Deflector to protect yourself against the following

                               Unsafe Fire Sprinkler Protection shut off's
                               Flooding and Structural water damage

                               Wood Decay  Dry Rot Fungus                                  

                               Hazardous gas fumes

                               Scheduling delays

                               Electrical Sparks

                               Wire  Nicking
                               Profit losses

                               Mold and Mildew

                               Replacement of interior finishes


               Play the video below to see how the Deflector can divert nails
               away from your pipes and other utilities.


                   The videos presented should only be replicated in
                   controlled environments by qualified individuals
                   over 18 years of age with proper eye and body
                   protection.  Nail Guns are dangerous and can
                   result in serious injury and or loss of life.




                           Utility  Patented Technologies   no. 7,977,576  &  no. 8,350,156 B2


        Smooth Jazz

        In this application compared to Pipe-Nail Deflector,

        Nail Plates offer minimal protection. 
Let's face it. 

        Pipes, screws, and nails should never make

        contact inside of your walls like this . . . !


      Pipe-Nail Deflector is designed to protect the following  
      against  damage:


CPVC  Fire  Sprinkler  (plastic) Pipe

(Thin-walled) Gas Lines

       I T  Network  System  Cables

SCH 40  (Plastic Conduit)

(plastic  Pipe)

       PVC (plastic tubing)

       Electrical Wiring

       Copper Tubing

       Fiber Optics


       Other  Utilities 




          Pipe-Nail Deflector is Patented Technologies

           Patent no. 7,977,576  &  no. 8,350,156 B2
                              All rights reserved

  Model 508HD (shown)   5" W x 101" L  (other sizes Avalible)
      "The Deflector shown here in action deflecting  
                     incoming Nails and Screws. . . !"

  Whenever anyone hangs a picture or T.V. on your walls you are at risk. 


                               Protect yourself . . . !     Protect your investment . . . !
                                          Install Pipe-Nail Deflector in your new and remodel projects . . 


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